About Kat

Who am I, and how did I come to be here?
My name is Kat, I’m a 23-year-old recent college grad and just moved to Michigan with the love of my life. I finished classes last November and received degrees in English and Voice Performance last June. Then, (shocker) about a year ago, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to perform Opera or teach college English for the rest of my life.
In retrospect, I should have listened to my father (who seems wiser as I get older) and just allowed myself to find something that I was passionate about, rather than deciding from the get-go that it would be books and singing. Instead, I blew off all the non-music/non-English things I could have learned to love, and graduated early with a double degree, student debt out the ears, an existential conundrum, and highly limited job prospects. Thus began the journey that is now yet another WordPress blog.

That academic short-sightedness left me with a lot of useless knowledge about vocal folds, formants, and contemporary American Literature, but it also endowed me with some surprisingly useful skills. Now, whether they’re real skills or just delusions I write into my resume, is up to the reader, I think:
“Excellent written and verbal communication skills” – translation: I know how to tell you what you want to hear, in sonnet form, and explicate the meaning of the color yellow, at the same time.
“Proficient in public speaking and leadership skills – undeterred by obstacles and challenges” – translation: I’ve spent a lot of time cross-dressing on stage and getting rejected at Opera auditions.

Anyway, after too many “Best Career for Your Personality” quizzes, I came to the conclusion that I probably couldn’t self-reflect, internet-quiz, or prosthelityze my way out of my predicament.  So here’s what I came up with instead:  I will spend the next year or 5 actively pursuing different jobs in different industries, pretending each one is my new career, until I land on something well-suited, or I realize I’m actually a work-to-live type of person. As I go, I’m taking meticulous notice of my overall state of being during that time, and then retrospectively deciding if the job makes me happy and fulfilled, or leaves me wanting a double Bombay-Tonic with extra lime.

Conclusions so far?
I’m only 6 months in and it’s already unbelievable how much I’ve learned about myself – how I process information/emotions, my real values and priorities, what hobbies/etc make me happy – when I stopped thinking about what I should do and just moved. I’ve realized I’m goal-oriented to a fault.
Finally, in terms of my career, I’ve ruled out the legal profession as well as any career which requires me to work with small children in a hands-on, coddling type of way.

So where am I as I start this blog?
I’m working as a legal assistant at a firm which specializes in bankruptcy and litigation in a delightfully small town near Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I volunteer once a week as a math tutor for a fourth grade boy at a Learning Institute for low-income elementary school kids.
Oh, I’m sorry – does that seem inconsistent? Do those activities sound like the very things I just ruled out?
Ah. Yes. Welcome to the conundrum that is the life of your indecisive 20-something author. Please join me for the frustrating ride and feel free to criticize and cajole along the way.


2 thoughts on “About Kat”

  1. Can I just say, your bio is beyond fabulous 🙂

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