My name is Kat – I’m 23, more or less fresh out of college, and looking to move forward. That’s a deceptively difficult goal, however, because “forward” implies a particular direction. As all of us who have exited college and been rudely thrust into the “real world” know – “direction” is surprisingly hard to define and attain. In the event that you disagree (perhaps you’re one of the directionally blessed few, married with a mortgage, pursuing a PhD in your passion, or working one of those magical “full-time” jobs I heard tales of as a child) – for you, I’ve included a diagram below, so as to better illustrate my plight.

I’m new to blogging so if I’m trite or ridiculous or just confused, cut me some slack. But not too much slack – as far as I can tell, improvement of any kind is the only directionless kind of forward motion.


(Quiz: which one is moving forward?)

I’m here to express my opinions and articulate my ideas. I’m hoping people will respond and help me flush out the issues and my thoughts on them.

If I bore you, please tell me. If I’m long-winded, let me know. If I’m offensive – buck up, sport.

I know I may be more ignorant than I am informed in a lot of regards, but one of my goals here is to tilt those scales. In the end, for you at least, the blog is worth what you paid for it (hint: it’s free).